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Stressed out mama! How to support your emotion during stressful situations!

September 8, 2020

My friend you are not the only one that has had to go through some stressful situations in 2020. Has somethings kept you up at night? The uneasy-ness of school for the kids, balancing your career, and doing it all? Yes, me too! I had a night this past week where I was woken up from a deep sleep and had to emotionally process something stressful. Things like this that come up that are no one's "fault" they are just changes due to the circumstances going on around us that we are not in control of are hard to go through. I hope me sharing how I worked through a night of stress and a near panic attack helps you! 


Even after recording this episode I had some stressful times following (unrelated to this situation and topic) but I used these same strategies to help. Stress will come and go, it is somethings we all need to learn to work through in a healthy way. 

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